Design Architecture Limited

We are the London's only Architecture and Planning Consultancy to offer: 1. A full refund to all of our clients who do not achieve their approved planning permission through us. 2. Further those clients that do not receive approved planning permission, not only get a full refund but also get to keep for free all drawings and reports that we have made for them. 3. Free 3D Rendered Drawings, when our clients choose to appoint us for preparing their Planning Applications. 4. We offer both the full design and build process to all of our clients. 5. We do not charge individually for a site survey, site consultation, and professionally photography. Instead we charge a fixed, combined fee of just £200, which includes VAT. 6. Single Storey Planning Applications cost a fixed fee of £900 (including VAT). Whereas Double Storey Planning Applications cost a fixed fee of £1500 (including VAT). 7. We also provide Building Regulations, Construction Project Management, Construction Drawings, and Interior Design Services at an additional cost. 8. We work on both commercial and residential projects in London, Surrey, and Kent. 9. We are unique in that we are not either a purely Architecture or Planning company. We are both as we hire both full time Architects and Town Planners. 10. Our success rate is 100%!