Digilab, Inc.

Digilab has a rich history of technology and applications market leadership in spectrometry and photonics spanning over the past 40 years. In September of 2004, Digilab sold its product assets to Varian Inc., Digilab, Inc invested the proceeds of this transaction in a business model focused principally on life science research tools and downstream point of need clinical, safety and security applications. In June of 2006, Digilab acquired SpectraCode Inc. in West Lafayette, Indiana. This acquisition provides Digilab core competence and products in high growth applications which require the versatility and ease of use of Raman Molecular Spectroscopy In November of 2007, Digilab acquired Genomic Solutions (which included Gene Machines, Cartesian, and BioRobotics) and MAIA Scientific. From these acquisitions, Digilab provides innovative, value-added solutions for scientific research and discovery in Life Science, Analytical Chemistry and Clinical and Diagnostic markets. Digilab’s products and technologies includes a wide range of sample preparation tools for DNA shearing and DNA sequencing sample preparation, custom protein and DNA microarrays, protein sample preparation for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS), oligonucleotide synthesis, live cell printing and dispensing, hybridization, and general liquid handling. Digilab also provides tools and technologies for sample identification which include imaging and image analysis products for cell research and High Content Analysis (HCA) applications, and Raman spectroscopy-based products for customers for a wide range of applications and markets.