DiningEdge Technology

The Digital Transformation advances to improve business IT landscapes from stiff application pits to modern digital platform-driven IT structures that can produce the openness, speed and quickness needed to enable real-time digital enterprises. DiningEdge Technology (DET) is a user friendly web-based software suite that offers the end-to-end digital business platform to its clients for a restaurant, country clubs, bars, schools, hotels and other outlets. OrderedEdge, InventoryEdge, MenuEdge, RebateEdge, ScheduleEdge are some major software products of DET. Our software will be bundled with speed, security, and stability and also stay in accordance with the current needs and future demands. This easy to use software will help you detail not only all of your food and beverage costs but also allows you to enter purchases, orders, compare price and even catering events. DET will always give you the best.