DJ Alexander Jokinsky

With over 100 shows to his name over the last year, DJ Alexander is looking to add more to his plate. This includes corporate nights, private birthday parties, celebrity events, tours, and Las Vegas-based residencies. A DJ from Las Vegas Nevada not only runs his own marketing and production company, but he is a famous artist who has been worked on original material while balancing producing the Belleza and Hollywood Talent fashion show and playing in different events or clubs throughout the Vegas city. Being able to speak English and Spanish he is able to make everyone dancing ont the floor while having a memorable time in club night. While he enjoys every event, he is looking to diversify his resume by landing a residency in LV to showcase what he can do on a weekly basis. DJ Alexander Jokinsky’s base is in the EDM that is why he is popular as a Best DJ n Las Vegas Nevada, but he is no one-trick pony. Alex can spin whatever the room calls for. He says ‘’My focus is primary dance music EDM as European and Top 40’s but my music in multicultural since I am influenced highly by Dominican Dance Music, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue as well as Latin Music as I do many Mexican parties in Los Angeles and Vegas spinning Banda, Punta, and Ranchera’’. Alexander Jokinsky- Top DJ in Las Vegas always working on incredible 21st century tech advances and modern music culture. He spends most of his time in the studio creating music, with over a decade of events experience. Those interested in having DJ Alexander play at their next grand event, or if anyone has residency spot open for a DJ- please reach out via the information below. Contact Name: DJ Alexander Jokinsky Address: 320 S Manhattan Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States Phone: 323-994-8292 Email: Website: Facebook Page: