Dr. Ava Eagle Brown, The Mango Girl

Dr Ava Eagle Brown is a world-renowned master coach, multi-award winning international speaker and author and has helped thousands master their mindset and live their best life. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. BE TRANSFORMED. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW. "The reality is I am just that little girl from Jamaica who was born into poverty sold mangoes on the train and turned my life around. I now help people and businesses do the same. I’m here to make your life more amazing, more exciting, more fulfilled, more significant, more profitable and more purposeful." The coaching and mentoring that Dr. Ava does is transformational and she has not only changed lives for the better, she has saved lives, bringing people from the brink of self destructive behavior and suicide. Dr Ava Eagle Brown has decided that her transformational work must be shared with the masses and her Global Book Tour is only the beginning. The Mango Girl Book is positioned to become a feature film. If you are in the ditch and stuck in the pain you've experienced, learn from someone who has been through the trenches, studied the behaviors and the best ways to work with people to get through the traumas and hurts of life experiences. If you're interested in supporting Dr. Ava's work, please reach out.