Dr. Jonathan Alexander-Abt

Website: https://imgur.com/gallery/HAP64dn Dr. Jonathan Alexander-Abt works for Inline Orthodontics located in Stevenage, England. In 2013, he was nominated, along with his patient, Daniel Smith, to be recognized by British Orthodontic Society’s ‘Against the Odds’ competition. This competition was developed in order to celebrate orthodontic treatment and the positive impact it can have on patients. Jonathan Alexander-Abt’s patient had difficulty eating and then cleaning his teeth due to suffering from Autism and ADHD. He worked with his patient for two years in order to create a great smile using braces. The British Orthodontic Society is proud to honor Dr. Jonathan Alexander-Abt on his work with Daniel Smith. Dr. Jonathan Alexander-Abt’s great orthodontic work is changing the lives of numerous people.