Dr. Michael Nazar

Dr. Michael Nazar’s Advanced Bio-Structural Correction treatments provided at his St. Catharines office help patients finally find relief from chronic pain without having to resort to surgeries or highly addictive pain medications. After completing treatment plans with Dr. Nazar, patients are able to enjoy life to the fullest once again with no pain, regardless of their age. Dr. Nazar is one of the most highly rated chiropractors in the St. Catharines area. He is known for his success in helping patients find relief from their chronic pain and helping them live a healthier, full life. His office is conveniently located just east of downtown St. Catharines and serves clients in the nearby Niagara Falls and Welland areas as well. For more information about Dr. Michael Nazar and the second opinions he is offering for new patients at his St. Catharines, ON office, please call (289) 438-1316.