Dr. Pharm USA

Dr Pharm USA provides highest quality pharmaceutical and neutraceutical manufacturing equipment that is fully cGMP compliant and affordable in price. From solid, semisolid and powder packaging solutions our experience team of engineers and technicians can provide your company with the right automation solutions to your pharmaceutical and neutraceutical line integration operation. We are a full service supplier of capsule fillers, tablet presses, blister packaging, bottle filling, labeling and cartooning equipment. We provide our customers with excellent service and support after the Sale. Dr. Pharm neutraceutical and pharmaceutical equipment is fully supported in the USA. You’ll never have to speak with anyone in China. Our 21000sq ft facility in Denver Colorado has a complete inventory of replacement parts for all of our machines and a fleet of service vehicles. Our factory trained technicians provide immediate responsive service. This eliminates unscheduled down time and keeps your business consistent and profitable. Preventive maintenance programs that keep your pharmaceutical line running like a finely tuned machine. Custom tailored preventive maintenance programs are available to keep all of your neutraceutical and pharmaceutical equipment running smoothly and prevent equipment failure before it occurs. Our preventive maintenance program is a schedule of planned actions that preemptively eliminate equipment failure. This is done by equipment checks, replacing worn parts and lubrication of your capsule filling and tablet press operation. Included in this program is a detailed report of the preventive maintenance actions and recommendations from our trained staff. Keeping encapsulation machines in good running order is obviously very important to ensure proper performance. The machine condition and setup play a significant role in capsule-filling efficiency. Machine shop, fabrication and engineering services provide flexible and adaptable pharma solutions. Dr. Pharm USA is equipped for pharmaceutical packaging projects of every size and complexity. Our partner Right Stuff Equipment is a leader in designing and implementing processes that are robust and capable of meeting and exceeding predetermined specifications through the use of leading-edge equipment and technology. We have a complete fabrication and machine shop that is fully integrated with AutoCad and SolidWorks and an experienced staff of engineers. Dr. Pharm USA provides professional design and installation services. We’ll work with your pharmaceutical line project to ensure a trouble-free installation that is within your budget. Operator Training The condition of the capsule-filling machines and their ability to achieve required weights, along with operator training and experience, play key roles in achieving maximum yields and operator safety. It is important for operators to understand the specifications for the capsules before running them. Since there are many variables involved in the encapsulation process, operator training is extremely important in understanding different machine settings and adjustments, troubleshooting when an issue comes up and finding out whether it is a capsule, machine, or formulation-related issue. We provide continual on going training of Dr. Pharm high speed tablet presses and capsule fillers. Operator training covers different machine settings and adjustments and troubleshooting giving the operator the guidance necessary to achieve the best possible yield and efficiency. Dr Pharm USA; Our Mission Statement "Our mission is to operate an ethical, profitable and progressive company providing automation solutions, products and services to our customers. The end goal for each transaction is to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability through business dealings with Dr Pharm USA."