DragonEx: Your safe, trusted and proven Cryptocurrency trading platform. 1.Overview DragonEx is a Cryptocurrency trading platform registered in Singapore on November 2, 2017. Dragon Token (DT), the platform token of DragonEx, was issued during the launch of the exchange and is the backbone of the platform’s mining feature. DT is a dividend paying token, as all DragonEx revenues are shared across the circulating DT supply. So far, DragonEx has set up 4 independent trading markets (USDT/ETH/DC/NEW) with more than 100 trading pairs listed. DragonEx has over 220,000 users spanning across more than 30 countries who are serviced from its global operations center in Bangkok. DragonEx Institute is an innovative program designed and launched to invest in and incubate high-quality global Blockchain projects. 2.Functionality DragonEx supports OTC Fiat Deposits & Withdrawals in select countries. DragonEx has deployed several innovative features such as a built-in Telegram interface allowing users to access the platform’s social media channels without ever needing to leave the DragonEx App. The DragonEx App is available for download in the Beestore and Apple App Store. DragonEx allows users to see the approximate average price paid for each held asset purchased on the DragonEx platform. Users can access real-time data feeds for several useful metrics such as daily fees collected from the individual user as well as from the across the entire platform. A variety of additional unique and useful features exist with new ones continually being developed and integrated into the DragonEx platform on a regular basis and are designed to constantly improve the user experience. One of the key defining features of the DragonEx platform is its Dragon Token (DT) mining program. DT is mined through means of transactions and is distributed to users based on their transaction volumes. 100% of the trading fees are distributed across the circulating supply of DT and delivered to users according to how much DT they hold. 3.Platform Token Introduction Dragon Token (DT) is an ERC20 standard token, issued on November 2, 2017, and when held on the exchange will enjoy dividends shared from the total platform revenues. Mined DT are released once per day and are distributed to users based on their transaction volumes. DT has a maximum supply of 37,339,500, not including burned tokens. DT circulating supply represents the full entitlement to the revenues collected from the DragonEx platform. As of this writing, 51,200 DT are issued each day and are distributed as follows: -30% distributed to users “miners” based on their transaction volume -20% distributed as referral commissions -50% distributed to or allocated to project partners, of which 10% will be blocked for one year and 40% permanently blocked for future allocation purposes related to R&D, further strategic partner bonuses, and/or for buyback & burn purposes. DT’s function and features are continually expanding with an ever-growing list of token holder benefits. 4. Strategic Summary DragonEx Trading Platform Continue to strengthen the underlying trading platform technology, public blockchain and data management to constantly remain one of the safest, most stable and transparent platforms in the industry. Build a globally distributed team and establish a series of regulatory compliant sub-exchanges in regions across the world such as Belarus, Malta, Brazil and Cambodia, etc. Set up customer service bases in North America, Belarus and Malta to support 24/7 customer service capabilities. DragonEx Institute Continue to incubation and invest in high-quality global projects, including DAPPs, sub-exchanges, wallets, mining pools, media, etc. Build strategic project partnerships with the purpose of real-world Blockchain technology adoption delivering real-world benefits and efficiencies. 5. Roadmap Oct. 2017 Registration opened, and Trading Competition launched Nov. 2017 DragonEx Platform and App officially launched Dec. 2017 Dragon Token launched Q2 2018 Data Analytics System Launch Q3 2018 Contract Transaction Support Q3 2018 Digital Currency ETF Index Fund and Global Digital Currency Index Support Q4 2018 Cross-platform Bidirectional Transaction and Settlement System Q1 2019 Exchange Decentralization Efforts Begin 6. Mission DragonEx continues to remain true to its original founding principles and to always prioritize user interests above all else. Since its launch, DragonEx has adhered to the principles of providing a safe and stable trading platform for its users. DragonEx enjoys a high level of confidence from its users largely because security has always been a top priority of the DragonEx R&D team. Globally, DragonEx's trading system has reached leading levels in terms of speed, stability and user experience. The DragonEx platform has been consistently and steadily operating steadily since launched in November 2017 and has supported hundreds of millions of daily order volumes from hundreds of thousands of users. 7. Team Members’ Profile Finn Zhang: partner and CEO, former Vice President of Yunfan Group, engaged in the field of FinTech for 12 years. Marvin Yan: Partner and CTO, former Chief Development Officer of Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co., Ltd. with 14-year technology development experience, pioneer and leader for early technology in Blockchain industry. Kevin Xun: Partner and CPO, former Product Director of Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co., Ltd. with 10-year experience in Internet software Web and mobile product design and development.