DS Publishing Company

Imagine carrying a dream for 10, 20, or even 30 years to publish a book. That was me just 4 years ago, still carrying that dream, and it was getting quite heavy. But just before I was about to lay it down, what I discovered quite by accident, was a new publishing method brought to us by the digital age—print on demand publishing. As you read this entire piece you will discover the beauty and simplicity of this amazing digital development. For years, I worked inside the printing and publishing business; and I knew first-hand just how “impossible” it was to become a published author. I was the “mean-one” inside the publishing company responsible for writing rejection letters. So manuscripts were submitted, I created a form letter for the rejection letter to return the manuscripts to the authors. Many were wonderfully well-written books, and during the years I worked for the publishing company, I scanned and read thousands, perhaps 40,000 manuscripts. Only one that I selected actually made it to publication! Getting published was truly a “needle in a haystack” proposition. So when I discovered print on demand publishing, I was ecstatic! I frantically got to work and within 4 years I wrote and self-published 11 books. As someone with a publishing and printing background, who ran her own ad agency, I was able to navigate through the ups and downs and all the super kinks and craziness of digital publishing! This year as a small publishing company, I will publish 14 books, some for myself, and some for clients! The small publishing company I worked for many years ago published about 12 books per year with a staff of some 20 full and part time workers. I am exhilarated to be able to bring books into the world in the most creative and cost effective way possible. It’s what gets me up early in the mornings and makes me thankful to be alive. There is no better feeling than becoming a published author. Find out how you too, can become a published author.