EasyQ Networks Ltd

CouponMaster.ie is Ireland's leading consumer-printed coupon portal. It is operated by EasyQ Networks Limited, based at NovaUCD, the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre at UCD. Consumers We offer consumers the opportunity to select coupons of their choice online rather than sending them hundreds of paper coupons for products they may not want or need. We provide Irish consumers with valuable discount coupons for their favourite grocery items, health and beauty products and services. The coupons we provide are free of charge. CouponMaster.ie is one of the few internet sites that do not require you to provide any personal information prior to seeing what we have to offer you. If you want to use a coupon, we just ask you to provide an email address to register an account. This will give you access to hundreds of savings opportunities! Clients Our core couponing, customer acquisition services provide clients with creation, distribution, tracking, and reporting of consumer-printed coupons that can be used for traditional in-store redemption. CouponMaster.ie represents the most flexible, effective, print-from-the-web coupon solution available in the marketplace, and the most popular alternative to traditional couponing. In addition to being the market leader in consumer-printed coupon marketing, CouponMaster also provides online advertising solutions. Our mission is to help clients introduce their high-quality brands to Irish consumers by providing a platform where they can showcase their products and services, provide information and offer consumers great savings. An Environmental Approach Our approach benefits both consumers and clients who provide the coupons since consumers do not have to deal with unwanted mail and our clients save the cost of sending unsolicited coupons, many of which ultimately end up wasted. We are pleased that in a small way we are contributing to conserving trees and helping our environment.