Elementary Etiquette Society

Palm Beach, Florida- Corporate Etiquette classes are becoming the need of the hour as providing corporate etiquette training to the employees increases the morale of the entire organization leading to a healthy corporate environment. The challenge however is finding the right business etiquette trainer to whom companies can entrust their corporate etiquette training needs. For companies that are searching for reliable corporate etiquette classes for their employees, The Elementary Etiquette Society will come as a perfect solution. This is one of the most popular corporate etiquette training schools. This is not only one of the most reputed corporate etiquette training schools but this is also one of the highly experienced etiquette training schools in the US. The etiquette training classes offered by The Elementary Etiquette Society are suitable for medium to large corporations. This training school is endorsed by number of top media sources such as Robb Report, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Black Tie Magazine, PBS, The South Florida Today Show among the others. Companies can choose to hold their corporate etiquette training sessions at their own company venues or at one of the locations of The Elementary Etiquette Society. The owner and the backbone of The Elementary Etiquette Society is Celeste Jones. She is a highly experienced etiquette expert that offers customized training classes to wide range of companies in the US. All her training classes receive great appreciation. She founded The Elementary Etiquette Society in 1993 and since then her business etiquette training classes have been highly popular. Her success can be attributed to her unique style of teaching. She uses highly interactive style of teaching which helps the participants to get fully involved in the training classes. All her classes come as a proof that business etiquette training classes need not be boring. Celeste Jones, the owner of The Elementary Etiquette Society is a top expert in the field of business etiquette training. She is a highly qualified corporate etiquette trainer. She is currently attending the Harvard University Graduate School of Educational Intensive Study. She already holds an M.S in the Science of Organizational Management, Certification in Protocol, B.A. Degree in English Literature and also a Culinary Degree. The Elementary Etiquette Society is a highly reputed name in the US Etiquette training industry. This school of etiquette has helped several companies improve their service level, customer relations, presentation skills and overall enhancement of their sales process through smooth corporate interactions. Celeste Jones has worked with wide range of industries from aviation companies to wealth management corporations. Her business etiquette training classes have been reported to boost the morale of the entire organization and thereby improve their overall performance. For more detailed information on the corporate etiquette training classes offered by The Elementary Etiquette Society please visit http://www.etiquettesociety.com/corporate.html.