EON Systems, Inc.

EON Systems provides Billing, Scheduling & EHR Software for Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and other healthcare practitioners that make it easy to get more done. EON is the developer of The Digital Office which includes three components: The Practice Solution (TPS), the nation’s premier Office Management and Billing Software for the Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Multi-disciplinary industries, Documentor, state of the art noting and EMR documentation software package and Document Solution, document storage and management, including digital X-ray viewing. The designer of The Digital Office, Derek Greenwood, originally designed the software with the aid of his parent’s highly successful office in Bellingham, WA being used as a testing facility. He first perfected the administrative flows in the office with a paper system and then once that was working perfectly converted it to a computer software program. Today, thousands of users in all 50 States depend on TPS to get them through their busy day. Since the first year, the expansion of capabilities and features to the original software has been relentless. In side-by-side comparisons by leading magazines, TPS, mid-range price wise in the market, has surpassed its competitors in value, features and performance. But perhaps its greatest accolades come from users themselves through spontaneous referrals and success stories.