Chinhee & Sunhee Park picked up the energy of Bettina Tendler O’Mara through a mutual friend and Bettina, a true believer, was overwhelmed. She asked for an introduction in order to receive a formal reading. The accuracy to detail and timing was incredible. They began a wonderful friendship and began to discuss the need for a unique, psychic, website business. They were tired of hearing about people getting ripped off and not receiving an accurate reading for the money they spent on several psychics. They began to enlist the services of the most accurate, real, truly gifted and ethical psychics they had been in association with and had had readings from. After testing again and interviewing them, they created their family of trusted, accurate, ethical psychics. ESPsychics was born. What makes ESPsychics different from any other website? All the psychics have been tested and screened for several factors, accuracy, ethics, personality, and loving energies. We will not hire just anyone. The psychics have to be the “total package” in order to be a part of this exclusive, invite only website. The emphasis on the quality of psychics and not the quantity, will maintain our exceptional and unique reputation. We care about our clients and psychics. We believe a client deserves to get an accurate, healing experience of a reading. The client should get off the phone and feel they just had a great experience and be moved by the psychic’s accuracy and loving energies. Providing the highest quality services from the most accurate psychics and treating our psychics like family members. We want everyone to be healthy and happy!