eTT Aviation

About eTripTrader, Inc., dba eTT Aviation eTT Aviation is a US veteran-owned company, headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, specializing in SaaS-based airline crew and flight schedule management solutions that revolutionize how airlines achieve scheduling flexibility, compliance and control, while steadfastly adhering to its core values of integrity, innovation, and exemplary customer support. eTT Aviation’s flagship products, SkedFlex (Air Operations Suite), and Crew Companion (world-class trip trading), support tens of thousands of aviation professionals at global, regional, charter, and cargo airlines worldwide. SkedFlex is an innovative product designed to help its airline customers operate more efficiently and profitably by providing them with the advanced capabilities needed to manage operations at a lesser cost than the outdated and less customer-focused solutions used elsewhere. In automating many processes and reporting functions that heretofore have been accomplished either manually or with less capable software, SkedFlex significantly reduces workload and improves operational efficiency and communication, while providing customers’ employees a better quality of life – a critical factor in retention, productivity, and satisfaction given the shortage of qualified pilots and competition among air carriers. Flight operations, flight crews, maintenance personnel, and station personnel can directly access the software to view and manage schedules, training currency/compliance, day-to-day routing, and much more. Crew Companion's world-class software takes the guesswork out of trip trading, and lets crewmembers schedule more of what they want, and less of what they don’t. Using its fully integrated trade board, pilots and flight attendants can choose up to 30 parameters to filter trips, and shop potential matches from among open trips, as well as those offered up for drop or trade — and when matches don’t exist, a customized system makes proposing and accepting trades much faster. An extensive notification system based on individualized criteria alerts users to newly opened trips, recent posts to the trade board, proposals from other crewmembers, and, when trades execute, they are delivered using each crewmember's desired notification method. Crew Companion truly provides "a better quality of life."