Event Store

Event Store Ltd is a company that develops Event Store, a stream database built for event sourcing, and offers consultancy and support services worldwide for businesses looking to implement event sourcing within their systems architecture. Our mission is to free the world's data, currently either lost or trapped in traditional database technologies, and transform modern enterprise's most valuable asset, data, into real-time actionable streams. What is event sourcing? - Event-sourced systems store data as a stream of events, rather than just storing current state. When a change occurs in event sourcing, instead of updating the state, a new event is added to the stream. Replaying the event stream allows you to determine the current state. Benefits of event sourcing - There is a huge array of benefits of using event sourcing, not least being able to see a full history of changes that is highly valuable in sectors like finance and government that require accurate audit logs. Visit our website at https://eventstore.com/ to find out more about the benefits. Our story - The underlying event-sourcing data model is gaining increased traction and recognition, and although historically it has been difficult to build and run these types of systems, especially at scale, Event Store wants to make it easier. Event Store looks to provide a world-class database technology on par with the top database technologies in the industry. And alongside this, plugins and tooling for every major programming stack to help developers and operators successfully implement and run distributed systems. Event Store Cloud, releasing later this year, will be a key milestone in the effort to get up and running with Event Store. It represents one of the key initiatives you will see as Event Store moves forward as an increasingly relevant and important alternative database technology for modern applications.