NEW DELHI Beer soaps manufactured using real beer brands such as Budweiser and Corona have been launched in India by excitingLives.com. According to Rohit Saxena, who heads the operations in India, the soaps are formulated using a variety of ingredients including beer and are subsequently treated to ensure the final product has a pleasant and balanced fragrance. “That’s to ensure you don’t smell like a brewery when you step out of the shower“, he adds. Beer Soaps are manufactured in USA by the Beer Soap company and are available for purchase in India on the company’s website – excitingLives.com. Excitinglives.com is India’s leading online destination for unique gifts and gift experiences. The company provides innovative gift ideas at affordable prices. Available gifts range from golf experiences, baby handprints, spa rituals to funky products like Clone Dolls, bar accessories and other unique products.