EXO Insights Corp

When the dependability of your operations and lives are at stake, our next-generation digital reality platform helps you and your workforce better prepare and reduce risk. EXO Insights helps global companies drive the full performance potential of their workforce in high-risk, mission-critical environments where safety and precision are top priorities, using advanced AR/VR systems. EXO Insights measures the “how” of work, allowing workers and training leaders to improve their knowledge and work capacity. Our EXO Biometric solution transforms and builds on existing industrial safety and training standards to move organizations past traditional training methods, building worker capacity for informed and accurate decision-making in high stress situations, while increasing behavioural awareness and improving judgement. Our base tech hardware platform consists of immersive technologies – Virtual and Augmented Realities – with a 100% of skills development and certification of competencies. But this is the basis. On top of these, we are engineering Biometric sensors – presently eye-tracking and acute stress measurements - to provide workers with a new level of training feedback. While most of the training programs focus today is on conveying information to workers in a variety of ways - classes, videos, powerpoint, online training - and later testing their retained knowledge, we focus on these immersive technologies to make workers more self-aware. And this focus on self-awareness is the doorway to better judgment and a safer behavior, finally improving accidents rates. VR Demo https://vimeo.com/348255709/d794677939 AR Demo https://vimeo.com/350212794/a4a7fab3eb