Expert Human Resources

Expert Human Resources helps organizations dramatically improve their operational performance and bottom lines by creating great teams, maximizing human capital, reducing costs, and facilitating appropriate administration of policies and procedures. Expert Human Resources is an award-winning, service based, solutions company offering a wide range of services to help companies maintain employment law compliance, avoid workplace litigation, maximize human capital, create great teams, and reduce costs. We deliver immediate potential solutions that align to your organization and culture. We provide a continual source of information, support our customers’ goals and challenges, as well as, deliver high-quality, customized services. Our expert consultants are experienced and certified and are committed to remain up-to-date. We listen to your individual needs and issues while providing clearly defined explanations and solutions. Our services include: • Comprehensive HR Audits • Job analyses and evaluations • Detailed workplace investigations • Management and employee training • Sexual Harassment investigations and training • Developing and revising employee manuals, policies and procedures • Human Resources skill transfer • Human Resources and Labor Relations consulting • FMLA interpretation and assistance • Executive Recruitment • Ask-an-HR Expert • Policies and procedures development • Performance evaluations development • Performance improvement plan assistance • Terminations and disciplines assistance