eyefactive GmbH

eyefactive GmbH was established by media specialists Johnannes Ryks and Matthias Woggon in mid 2009. The company is located in Wedel (near Hamburg) and it is a University of Wedel research spin-off. A joint project had led the young entrepreneurs to the development of a critically acclaimed first prototype model in spring 2007 - at a time when MultiTOUCH technology was more or less not yet heard of. Overwhelming positive feedback and the industry's display of keen interest encouraged and subsequently led to the start of the company. Today eyefactive is an independent company employing a highly qualified workforce in both hardware and software development alike. Continuous improvement of existing technology and the realisation of new ideas are conducted in research partnership with the University of Wedel. This sustained cooperation is dedicated to the development of innovative MultiUSER applications enabling creative and efficient multi user operation of interactive software on large touch screens. The inauguration of the first Digital Signage Innovation Center was celebrated in Hamburg's famous warehouse district in May 2012. At this hotspot of digital technology, potential clients and business partners will be able to gain valueable information on latest trends and innovative technology in digital signage, interactive displays and applications. eyefactive won several awards for its business idea and products, e.g. "ICT start-up of the year 2012" by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Our clients list includes world renowned brands like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz Bank, Beiersdorf, Olympus and Siemens.