Eyes of Shiva Window and Gutter Cleaning Service

Eyes of Shiva is a Boulder, CO company offering window cleaning, gutter cleaning and mobile car detailing. We do residential and commercial window cleaning jobs up to 3 stories. We remove and thoroughly clean screens and storm windows and re-install them. All our window washers are thorough, efficient and enjoyable to have around the house. Gutter cleaning involves sweeping the roof if required, removing the debris from gutters and also includes clearing the downspouts so water flows easily from your gutters back to the earth. Our mobile car detailing service caters to each client's individual needs and tastes from a deep cleaning and detailing to a super deep cleaning of interior and exterior, polishing the body of the car and wheels, even cleaning the engine. Of course it also includes getting a spotlessly clean windshield and windows. We are fully mobile so it's convenient for our customers.