Its target users include expats living in Shenzhen, those inclined to work or invest in Shenzhen and those who want to sightsee and learn more about the city. EyeShenzhen is the world's window into Shenzhen and is here to provide precise and up-to-date info for expats and visitors alike. Let it be your source for the latest news and tips on life, culture, business and public services in Shenzhen. Our inclusive service platform performs the following functions: 1. It provides a vast amount of useful information on life, work, study, government policies, transportation, medical services, culture, education, tourism, hotels and businesses in Shenzhen for expats. 2. It offers online and by telephone consultation for answering any questions on transport, housing, dining and other aspects of life in Shenzhen. 3. It in the future will provide an e-service platform connected with government departments to help expats deal with paperwork, visa applications and other regulations. The name “EyeShenzhen” implies that people through the website will be able to see what Shenzhen is like as a city, whereas “EYE” is an acronym for equality, youth and excellence - qualities innate to Shenzhen. The pronunciation resembles “???” in Chinese, which means “loving Shenzhen.” Along with the website, an English-language WeChat service account by the same name is in operation. Users can share “EyeShenzhen” articles via Weibo and WeChat with just one click.