eZCom Software

Managing order information in an omnichannel world is increasingly complex. EDI transactions with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, sales from online marketplaces, purchases made in your eCommerce store— business can come from all over and handling it efficiently is critical. Since launching in 2000, our robust Lingo software and our commitment to customer support has produced consistent growth. While our initial focus was EDI, our capabilities have expanded as digital commerce has transformed the retail landscape. Today, we work with companies of all sizes, handling just a few orders for some and thousands of transactions per day for others. With mapping to hundreds of trading partners that is constantly updated, suppliers can be confident they will stay compliant and avoid costly chargebacks. Our software merges orders from every sales channel and makes it easy to integrate data with the system you use to run your business. Whether you rely on an ERP like Netsuite, accounting software like QuickBooks, or a WMS, we can make order processing a seamless part of your operations.