Face My Makeup

World-renown brand executive, beauty consultant and makeup artist, Scotty Ferrell, the creator and founder of Face My Makeup app, began his calling, in the beauty industry, as a scientist, with a degree in microbiology and immunology. Over course of his 20-year career, Ferrell has worked with, and served, some of the leading names in skincare, makeup and beauty, along with countless celebrities and top models for the print and broadcast industries. As an entrepreneur, Ferrell saw a need to fill the ‘direct to consumer’ void for the beauty industry, given today’s technology and the new digital consumer, with Face My Makeup app by connecting consumers directly to their favorite brands. Face My Makeup app is available for download in the Apple App Store for iOS phones and tablets and the Google Play store for Android devices. For more information about Face My Makeup app development, advertising or partnership opportunities, contact Scotty Ferrell, at (305) 609.4475 or email scottyferrell@facemymakeup.com