Falbe Publishing

I'm Tracy Falbe. I'm a creative person (with the exception of my uncreative company name). In 2004 I started my publishing company in order to produce my novels and nonfiction as ebooks, audiobooks, and books. My fantasy novels are promoted under the imprint Brave Luck Books. My company has also expanded into selling royalty free stock art. To date my published titles are: Historical paranormal romance Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale (ebook, paperback) Epic fantasy Union of Renegades (ebook, paperback, audiobook) The Goddess Queen (ebook, paperback, audiobook) Judgment Rising (ebook and paperback) The Borderlands of Power (ebook and paperback) Rys Rising (ebook, paperback, and hardcover) Savage Storm (ebook, paperback, and hardcover) New Religion (ebook, paperback, and hardcover) Love Lost (ebook, paperback, and hardcover) Nonfiction Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun (ebook and paperback) The Home Canning Guide for Everyone Who Eats (ebook and audiobook) My Grandma's Vintage Recipes: Old Standards for a New Age (ebook and paperback) My titles are distributed at: Falbe Publishing Brave Luck Books Amazon Barnes & Noble Nook Smashwords iBooks Sony Kobo All Romance Ebooks Etsy Oyster Flipkart