FELDO Luxury S.L.

FELDO Luxury S.L. is a recently created and uprising company. It was founded in 2007 and until now it already has several watches, jewellery and accessories collections. The luxurious products that FELDO Luxury is creating are unique but not only affordable for wealthy customers. Nearly all luxury products by FELDO Luxury S.L. are handmade or fitted by hand. This makes every piece a unicum. Close business relations to some of the best manufacturers of the world, for example the Japanese watch mechanism producer Myota or the Swiss watch mechanism producer Sporod are an issue in contributing to the extraordinary design and quality of all watches. Another feature is the special technical extra, which inherits every piece of the FELDO Luxury S.L. collections. True to the company motto: "Every product must have its own technical marks and it has to be easily rec-ognized” the pieces of FELDO Luxury S.L. are something truly special. The main business of the Spanish-German company is the production and retail of luxury quality jewellery, watches and accessories. Because the trading platform is the internet, the affordable prices of this high quality goods are possible.