First Part China Limited

At First Part, our core capabilities and strengths are centred around delivering quality services to all of our customers. We have excellent in-house production capacity and refined manufacturing processes that will deliver high-quality production parts at cost-effective prices. We service a variety of industries from automotive to aerospace, consumer products, lighting and electronics. World Class Services First Part delivers a wide range of professional services including rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and low volume manufacturing. Our services are diverse and applicable to an extensive number of projects involving a variety of materials. At First part, we employ a unique approach for each engagement because we believe no two clients or projects are ever the same. As projects vary, we use different rapid prototyping processes, each material and technique-specialized for attaining outstanding outcomes and ensuring conformity with the desired end result. Just as we have been executing superior quality projects for all out clients, we offer our extended arm of excellence to you! Let’s begin your project with you and drive to completion as you enjoy the world class prototype services we offer at First part.