Flectson is a local New York safety gear company that has one goal in mind: making wearing reflective gear comfortable and effective. The team at Flectson is highly committed to ensuring safety for all those who spend time on the street, whether they are biking, jogging, or performing regular duties such as directing traffic or helping children safely cross the road. Our top priority is making safety gear easily accessible and comfortable to wear so that you can put your own safety in your hands without the hassle. Being on or near the road during low visibility times can create unnecessary hazards for motorists, joggers, bikers, and personnel. Using quality materials and superior design, Flectson provides a wide range of reflective gear options at affordable prices and available through Amazon. Get all the safety gear you need from vests and belts to reflective bands to start taking your safety seriously. Comfortable 100% Free Returns Affordable Assorted Reflectors Improved Quality Award Winning Customer Service 360 Degree Visibility At Flectson, we take safety seriously. Using an improved design and enhanced quality, you will have 360 degree visibility to improve your safety whenever you are on the road. With affordable safety vests and belts available on Amazon, you can get easy access to an assortment of reflectors with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, our team is committed to making it right, offering free returns and replacement gear so you can get the quality you deserve. To find out more about the award winning service we provide at Flectson, and the variety of reflective safety gear we offer, contact us today at 845-657-1925 or visit us online at flectson.com Flectson 12 Elm Street, Unit 411, Spring Valley, NY 10977 845-657-1925 info@flectson.com https://www.flectson.com Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flects