Food Delivery in Train - Fresh, Tasty and Hygienic Food

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller" - Ibn Battuta, Moroccan scholar & traveller. “You don't need a silver fork to eat good food” - Paul Prudhomme, famous American celebrity chef. If you are in India, it’s tough not to be related to trains. In a country where more than 3 million people travel thousands of kilometres every day, if there is a medium which connects a diverse country as ours together, then it is our railway network. It is hardly surprising then that some of the most memorable scenes in Indian Cinema are shot in the setting of trains. Be it Shahrukh Khan taking Kajol's hand in DDLJ, the superhit Chhaiya Chhaiya song or the comical scene aped from DDLJ in Chennai Express, these scenes beautifully depict the variety and diversity of emotions that are associated with a train journey. No wonder that two of these movies went on to be the largest grossers of their time in Bollywood... We, at RailTiffin believe that "Each of the journeys' of each of these 3 million passengers is a special movie in itself". RailTiffin has come into existence, to add spice and comfort to these 3 million stories every day. We believe that travelling in a train is best enjoyed when you travel tension and hassle free. In a world, where people are fast moving to comfortable ways of living in their everyday lives, getting a simple desired meal during train travel still remains a problem. Have you ever experienced: You or someone in your family waking up early to prepare meals for your journey?Receiving food which either you don’t like or you don’t find healthy?Being worried about leaving your stuff in the train while going out to buy food at a platform?Spending a whole day without getting a proper meal during the journey?Your mouth watering when someone in your coach is having a delicious meal and you don’t have much option? If your answer to any of the questions is yes, then RailTiffin is the solution for you. We have embarked on this journey with a vision to be the most preferred brand for ordering meals during train journeys in India. Our mission is to provide fresh, tasty and healthy food to every passenger at the comfort of their seats. With RailTiffin your favourite meals are just a click away. Simply enter your PNR or your train number and select your station for delivery. You may even place your order over phone. Founded by management graduates, the team at RailTiffin is committed to deliver highest standards in customer experience and enhance your journey. To prove this, we guarantee delivery or we pay you upto 200% of your order value! The Railtiffin Advantage Convenience - Last minute orders? No worries... You can book your order upto 3 hours before to your journey through our website or our call centre.Hygienic Packaging - Not only is our food healthy, but we also serve it with leak proof packaging & a pre-packed cutlery set to give you the best meal experience ever.Curated Menu - A handcrafted, buttery, slow cooked menu that is sure to tantalize your taste buds with it’s variety of combos & cuisines. Enjoy food from popular city restaurants! With food from let your holiday start right from the departure station & come home with stories to tell... :-) "We wish you a Happy and Delicious Journey"