F.O.S Industrial Filter Technology Inc.

The F.O.S Group: Your Partner in Sustainable, Cost-Effective, Environmental Solutions for your Industrial Baghouse Filters! The F.O.S. Group offers comprehensive services and solutions related to all aspects of industrial baghouse filters. Headquartered in Germany and a US subsidiary in Boston, MA, F.O.S is a world leader in manufacturing wide selection of high performance filter media products including filter bags, filter cartridges, filter tubes, and other accessories for non-ferrous metal and steel production, coal fired-power stations, high temperature dedusting, biomass power stations, waste-to-energy treatment, and cement industry. With over 25 years in business of optimizing dust collecting systems and processes for efficiency and lower emissions, we are committed to both protecting and enhancing the environment. Backed by in-house laboratory testing, our patented, German-engineered dedusting technology, F.O.S On-line Cleaning®, have been unmatched in the industry in terms of bringing tangible cost-saving advantages, and operational excellence to our customers, while controlling air pollution for a safer and cleaner environment. Trust the baghouse specialists at the F.O.S. Group – simply place the details of your baghouse in our experienced hands!