Serving Clients Throughout Central New Jersey and Along the Jersey Shore Foss, San Filippo & Milne, LLC, is an established and successful law firm, located in Red Bank, New Jersey that provides a range of general legal services to companies and individuals in central New Jersey. We are both counselors and advocates. In the area of employment law, we conduct litigation involving discrimination, unfair labor practices, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. We facilitate profitable commercial real estate transactions and protect the interests of our clients through real estate litigation when needed. Our firm helps entrepreneurs and business owners establish, grow and profit from their enterprises. In the area of estate law, we provide estate planning and probate administration services, and help high net-worth individuals deal with complex estate issues. In these and other areas of law, we are focused on addressing our clients’ needs and resolving their problems in a satisfactory and affordable manner. A Team of Attorneys and Legal Professionals Our attorneys have extensive experience in their practice areas. They possess high academic credentials, maintain strong community ties and are committed to the pursuit of excellence in their work. They maintain the strictest personal and professional ethics and have earned a reputation for integrity and straightforward communications. We are supported by an experienced and professional staff. As a team, we are dedicated to providing creative legal solutions and responsive client service.