FP Mailing Solutions

Known for our technologically-advanced equipment, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing, FP Mailing Solutions is the fastest-growing mailing systems vendor in the United States. Our unique relationship with local Dealers allows us to become personally familiar with all our clients and to create appropriate solutions for them. Our mission is to help our customers work better, faster, and more cost-effectively with their mail processes. Although FP Mailing Solutions first started as an innovator in the development and distribution of high-caliber equipment, notably postage meters, today we’re making our mark in virtually every facet of mail center operations. Our uncommon way of doing business ideally positions us to anticipate and respond to customer needs as they happen. Unlike providers whose size and rigid structure can slow down response time, FP Mailing Solutions partners with a national network of the mailing industry’s finest independent Dealers. This distinctive arrangement gives our customers access to the personalized service and responsiveness of a small, local operation, while being supported by our U. S. headquarters outside of Chicago and backed by the technological resources of our engineering, manufacturing, and corporate center in Germany.