Franchise Holdings International

Our Story as Franchise Holdings International is best told through the story of our Worksport subsidiary. Worksport is one of our great investment opportunities. We have proven that a committed team with outstanding leadership and experience in the market can accomplish great things and therefore create great investment opportunities. We entered the competitive tonneau cover market in the U.S. and Canada with high quality innovative products that are priced to sell and be profitable at the same time. And despite strong headwinds created by much larger competitors we have answered every challenge and continue to grow organically. Worksport already has shown to be one of the best companies to invest in to accelerate revenue growth. We are growing and ready to move to the next level because we know that there is market demand for our products. However, our growth has been slowed by a lack of capital which is needed to scale our inventories to support serving the increasing number of customers who want to buy our products and complete development of our new Helios line which has the potential to impact the tonneau cover market.