Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinics, Inc.

State of the art procedures and techniques with superior treatments are the focus at Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinics, Inc. in San Antonio, TX. Dr. James Franklin seeks chiropractic solutions that target each patient’s unique circumstances – from pinched nerves to sports injuries, accident injuries to fibromyalgia. Dr. Franklin has been a respected chiropractor for over 36 years. As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Franklin also realizes the connection between chiropractic medicine and the patient’s overall health. During the free initial consultation, chiropractic care and science is explained and a thorough patient evaluation is conducted to enable the most appropriate and desirable outcome for each patient, and to see if chiropractic care is necessary at all. This allows for the development of a specialized plan of chiropractic care and wellness treatments specific to each condition. The staff at Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinics, Inc. will ensure that you have the most pleasant and comfortable visit you can possibly have. To learn more, please visit or call 210-341-5454.