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For more information contact Marty Prokop at marty @ (remove the spaces around @) or go to Marty Prokop is resident deer expert at and has 24-years experience deer hunting, butchering deer for deer hunters and venison sausage making. Marty Prokop teaches deer hunting, hunter safety, deer butchering and deer sausage making classes. Marty Prokop has processed 7,805 deer, field dressed 422 deer and made over 991,990 pounds of sausage, smoked meats and jerky. Marty Prokop has years of volunteering for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) programs. His deer hunting videos are used in statewide advanced hunter education classes. Marty Prokop is a successful speaker, outdoor writer and published author. You can get Marty Prokop’s free deer hunting tips, free deer hunting videos and free online deer hunting game at now.