IoT (Internet of Things) is creating a new world. A world where both people and businesses can manage their assets in more informed ways, and can make timely and better decisions about what they want or need to do. This trend is also driving innovation and new opportunities enabling consumer to activity enter into the digital realm. There is every chance that IoT will also define the next wave of disruption for the retail industry. Freshub, a leading provider of Smart Kitchen Commerce, is precisely tailored to address forward-thinking retailers who wish to become players in the emerging IoT. Our solution is built to fulfill retailers’ needs to deliver innovative customer-centric services focused on retaining customers, increasing basket size, and improving shopper loyalty. Freshub’s technology helps retailers to gain substantial presence in the consumers' connected homes at their point of decision and to dramatically change the way we shop. Our unique application allows consumers to add any item to their shopping list and order items any time, as soon as they notice they need them, right from their kitchen, with a wave of the hand, or via voice commands.