FTFun, based in New Jersey, USA, was conceived just as Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple™, introduced FaceTime™ to the world at WWDC - 2010, on June 7, 2010. The service was launched on June 26, 2010, only two days after Apple's iPhone 4 was released. FTFun is a FaceTime™ Community that was created with the initial purpose of simply allowing iPhone™ 4 (now including iPod™ Touch and Mac™), users to try out the FaceTime™ feature of their device. It uses a Web Application to connect its users. As of October 23, 2010, the FTFun service released an App in the Apple App Store™ (an update to the App was also released December 23, 2010, included a new No Ads version). FTFun's population of users has since grown to span over 130 Countries (Top ten: United States, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain and Australia - Top ten call routes: United States to United States, Brazil to United States, United States to Brazil, United States to Saudi Arabia, Brazil to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to United States, China to United States, United States to Canada, Canada to United States and Thailand to United States).