FUELARTS is an investment firm, specializing in the Art+Tech industry. Its mission is to support the development of the emerging Web3 ecosystem, backing daring entrepreneurs, while they build a more efficient, transparent, and accessible Art market. In 2019 FUELARTS was founded by serial entrepreneur Denis Belkevich and former COO of Christie's Americas, and ex-Senior VP of Artnet Roxanna Zarnegar. The vision of FUELARTS is to become not only an investment vehicle but a platform, merging art and capital. FUELARTS includes 3 main structures: - FUELARTS ACCELERATOR provides tools to support founders of Art+Tech startups. - FUELARTS INSIGHTS shares content & analytics to engage and develop the Art+Tech community. - FUELARTS CAPITAL is a venture arm, investing in accelerator’s graduates and infrastructure leaders. With scaling its operations and expanding its reach, FUELARTS has a diverse international team of Art Market, Public relations, Venture capital, and Blockchain & NFT professionals. The team includes experts from the United States, China, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Ecuador. From 2023, the objective of FUELARTS is to become a VC company builder, helping startups in the NFT and blockchain space to build a business model that can shift focus as demands in the market change.