Fun Team Building

Larry energizes, entertains, motivates, and challenges groups to participate, learn, and come together as a team --- with a unique blend of personal and professional growth. Participants begin to appreciate each other and their differences in a learn-by-doing, very interactive format. Foremost, Larry creates a challenging atmosphere where participants learn, build relationships, and have a blast at the same time. Typical outcomes from Larry’s Team Building events: • improving our leadership and coaching skills • learning the magic of trust • discovering new and dynamic ways to communicate • handling and welcoming change • turbo-boosting morale • appreciating each other’s strengths and differences • tearing down walls • applying the “we-are-all-in-this-together” attitude • not wanting to leave Team Building Programs include: • Ice-breaker and warm-up activities • Trust, cooperation, and problem-solving activities • Power of intention and integrity • Rapport and communication skills • Self-discovery and awareness activities • Inspiration, motivation, surprises and celebration!