We create private groups of 6 to 8 people online: half guys and half girls. Matched members chat online, get to know each other, and eventually meet offline in a bar or a restaurant. Our main values are: Value 1: Matching - We will match you with other crew members, who are similar age and living the same city. - There will be 6 to 8 people in each crew. Value 2: Talk in SNS - The first hour of FunCrew is an “Icebreaker Session”. All crew members will log in to our SNS and chat with one another. - The crews will be interacting in our SNS for two months. Value 3: Meet up in Person - Crew members will arrange a meet up in person within about two weeks of the Icebreaker Session. - Since you will know them through the online conversation, you will not feel like you are talking to them for the first time.