Galaxy Wablink LTD

The constant struggle for existence between small business owners and big corporate players often has been chronicled in newspapers, debated upon in conversations, and has been witnessed to be fought on cruel corporate battlegrounds. While the big enterprises have relied upon established business procedures and capital inflows to dominate markets, the smaller companies have thrived on innovative business ideas and entrepreneurial ventures to create niche consumer segments. Nevertheless, the current Global Economic meltdown has burdened small undertakings to spur business activity and create entrepreneurial wealth in the wake of a stale financial performance by big corporate conglomerates. Consequently, the Service industry has swiftly realized that small businesses need guidance and helpful services to function in a competitive environment. One such startup called has launched a service to assist online merchants with all their inventory and financial management needs. According to, this innovative service amalgamates the merchant's bank accounts and inventories with the consumers' shopping carts to enable efficient, cost-effective and frustration-free management of both the business and the customer.