Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a highly specialized and experienced surgeon who has performed thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures throughout his career. His wealth of experience has honed both his fundamental as well as modern techniques of cosmetic and plastic surgery. As an artist and painter, he has a great understanding of the hidden beauty of each individual. Dr. Sadati believes cosmetic surgery is an art form that makes one look and feel better. He strongly believes that the goal of cosmetic surgery on the face and body should be a look that feels and appears natural, and is in harmony with the rest of the body without having an "operated-on" look. He goes to great lengths to ensure the proper time and attention is given to every detail. Dr. Sadati highly values research and education and has written many scientific papers. His most well-known research paper regarding free fat transfer with PRP was published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and received the "Best Scholarly Manuscript" award in 2006 at the American Academy of Cosmetic Scientific conference.