gdiObjects develops and publishes graphics software, utilities, and tools for everyday users. gdiObjects is guided by the following principles: - User-Centered Design Designing software is a catch-22. It's a balancing act between features and accessibility. Too many easily accessed features will overwhelm the screen and obfuscate the desired functionality, and not enough will force you to hunt through dialogs. I focus on the core purpose of the software and build the UI around it. - Pertinent Features I try to think like an end-user (not just a power user). Asking questions such as "Is this feature relevant? If so, what is the easiest way to access it (a button or context menu)?" or "Would I benefit from it or is it simply feature-creep?" - I'm an End-User Too! I'm just like you. I look for software that will fulfill a specific set of tasks and objectives. I need software that is fast, easy to use and provides the required functionality within a few simple clicks of my mouse.