Geoffrey Torkington

El Neem Center, Oaxaca, Mexico, September 2011 - While Mexico has long been favored as an ideal vacation destination, there is now one more reason to consider the beautiful shores of this sunny locale as a getaway destination. You can now take refuge in an idyllic Agama Yoga Mexico retreat center in Oaxaca, Mexico designed to meet the needs of both yoga novices as well as more experienced yoga practitioners. Agama Yoga Mexico is located at El Neem Resort, Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. As in ancient philosophy, yoga seeks to provide much more than just physical health improvements. For quite some time now, many people have come to associate yoga with the ability to improve one’s physical toning, strength and flexibility. As a way of life, yoga certainly offers innumerable physical health benefits, but it also offers the opportunity to improve one’s mental clarity and spiritual understanding as well. Agama Yoga Mexico offers 1-2 week affordable Yoga vacation retreats & 1 month comprehensive courses on Tantra Yoga in beach and surf village, Mazunte, Oaxaca. The ability to attend a yoga retreat nestled along the shores of beautiful Oaxaca offers the unique opportunity to learn from skilled and experienced yoga instructors. Whether guests prefer Chakras or Tantra yoga, guided meditation or more advanced instruction, there is truly something for everyone. Guests are welcome to choose from programs geared toward a variety of levels. Not only are guests able to learn proper breathing techniques, but they will also be introduced to the proper methods for chanting, meditation and various other techniques that can help to bring about complete rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Set in one of the world’s most idyllic locations Agama Yoga Mexico ensures guests are able to achieve true peace and tranquility of mind. Specifically designed to meet the needs of both the beginner as well as the advanced yoga practitioner, El Neem offers everything that is necessary to begin on a path of greater enlightenment. For details on schedule of yoga retreats, meditation retreats, pilgrimages and other events, contact