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Equifund investing allows each client to buy shares in promising new companies across a wide range of industries. Clients are able to earn a stake in real estate development or lend a capital to businesses looking to expand. Once you register with them, you are able to look up for opportunities across investment platforms such as Equifund realty, Equifund ventures, Equifund CFP, and Equifund lending. They are always committed to making each client feel confident about their investment, that is why they make sure that everyone gets access to all the information. Through the help of their skilled agents, you can now invest in an industry you like without the burden. Reach them at 1-800-777-4003 or visit their office located at 4th Floor, 12655 Jefferson Blvd, Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA 90066. You can also check their website or email them at