GiGi Capone PR & Associates

GiGi Capone a California native is a marketing genius, accomplished parent, avid writer, DJ coalition president, PR queen, online marketing specialist, social networking expert; on-air FM & AM radio personality, digital distribution beast, well rounded negotiator and liaison. Now that’s a mouthful and GiGi keeps her plate full. From an early age, she stood out as a self-motivated leader. GiGi passionately states that music saved her life but many say she is saving the life of music.GiGi heavily supports the independent lane. Life to date can only be described as triumphant journey for GiGi. As a child she was quite the adventurous, involved in sports and loved spending time with the family. At the tender age of 18 GiGi Capone traveled to the city of lights. GiGi found solace in the environment of the music industry stemming from studio to live concerts. No matter what GiGi was doing music was always calling her name and she was determined to make her dreams of being a part of the industry a reality. Despite the many obstacles she faced through the backdrop of the harsh reality of being a single mother and having to survive in the city of Las Vegas; the persevering temperament of GiGi broke through all tribulations and challenges. A master of multi-tasking and pushing the envelope of expectation; but she is also a confident mother maintaining a constant balance. GiGi aims to be a consistent student always being educated to stay 10 steps ahead. Hands on experience and education are the major element to her success. Always inter-changing, developing and initiating ways to deliver and exceed expectations of her clients. GiGi being a passionate and accomplished writer applies her knowledge to transcend a clear decisive message to any audience in addition to targeting an appealing marketing edge. Utilizing endless mediums in her marketing arsenal; GiGi has masterminded and implemented many successful publicity and promotional campaigns from her online empire; hand in hand with many grass roots street team campaigns. Many acclaim GiGi to a social network phenomenon; giving presence to every campaign she is involved with an exuberant scale. A proven innovative approach often followed by many but GiGi maintains to be an industry top player delivering a well orchestrated and energized approach. GiGi has been on the forefront of plenty of multi-platinum to Indie campaigns delivering the same enthusiasm and FRESH approached each and every time. Within GiGi’s busy life style she found time to head another groundbreaking campaign. GiGi delivers an up front and personal approach as a well respected and accomplished On-Air personality gaining the respect of all of her guests, always totted as an experienced personality even though she is in her infancy. Simply put, GiGi is a natural winner with her straightforward approach, no holds bar questioning. Pristinely maintaining respectful tone she has a unique ability to bring the interviewee’s message to her consistently growing audience. She holds over 200 interviews in her catalog to date. GiGi can now be heard throughout main airways and the Internet all around the globe. GiGi is also the proud president of the Warrior DJ Coalition founded by the Wyclef Jean, who’s identified the passion, skill and Movado of GiGi Capone to head his personal DJ Coalition. GiGi proudly states to the World; “You make it and we’ll break it”; which is consistent to GiGi approach to her many tasks and affiliations. GiGi Capone delivers time management, project organization, client input, solid communication and stalwart pride to every campaign, project, coalition and task she is involved with. GiGi Capone’s exclusive style and relentless work ethic keeps her the top choice of Multi-Platinum artists, Major/Indie Labels and music lovers. Needless, to say GiGi Capone will continue to bring her energy and her countless innovations. GiGi Capone PR & Associates customizes promotional packages tailored to suit each clients needs. If you would like to receive a free consultation for your campaign please email: INFO@GIGICAPONEPR.COM