GLI Norcal Landscape Construction

In 1975, George Joe started George's Landscaping and Garden Service. Throughout the years he took great joy in maintaining the health and appearance of his clients gardens. Together, George and Jan incorporated George's Landscaping in 1999. They recognized the potential to grow and provide elite service and craftsmanship for their Bay Area clients. Nearing our Fortieth year, the time felt right for a new change -- born from that idea is GLI Norcal Landscape Construction -- a design/build firm rooted in cutting-edge, eco and Bay-friendly, building technologies. We work with some of the best Landscape Architects in the Bay to create outdoor extensions of the home that bring bliss to our discerning clientele and pride to the surrounding neighborhood. The common thread among the years is that while we strive to develop new and better methods of beautiful and modern landscaping, the pleasure of our clients and partners is the reason why we still remain in and love this industry