Global Health Promotion United Association

The Global Health Promotion United Association Inc. (abbreviated as GHPUA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable entity incorporated for educational, religious, cultural and charitable purposes. Its attributes are to have its devotees working willingly, initiatively and happily for improving the well-beings, civilization of the entire human races and gradually attain an outstanding state of human health, world peace and religious harmony. Mission Global Health Promotion United Association strives to achieve an ideal state of Human Health, World Peace and Religious Harmony by promoting global health and wholeness from a Buddhism perspective. Without any distinctions among race, gender, political and sexual preference, nationality, religion, GHPUA shares information and provides a forum for dialogue, networking, advocacy, and fellowship to the spectrum of Buddhism organizations and individuals working in national and international health. Vision Motivated by traditional and contemporary Buddhism values, Global Health Promotion United Association, through its national and international network, will be a dynamic leader in bringing unity and support to healing ministries worldwide, advocating for a world where all have access, without bias, to basic health and prevention services.