Go Fish Marketplace

Go Fish Marketplace is a new online marketplace (like eBay + Avon). It is the 1st marketplace for the rapid growing $182 Billion Direct Sales Industry, and it utilizes a viral business model aimed to helping it to grow at a very fast rate. Go Fish Marketplace's Mission is to help as many people as possible earn a viable income by selling products online for a very high sales commission—as high as 50%. Vendors list their consumer products and anyone can become an Independent Sales Rep and sell the products for a high 50% sales commission. Sales Reps use the custom video interface to sell to customers without ever having to leave their couch, and they can also recruit other sales reps, which drives the viral growth. It's designed to help people earn a viable income regardless of education, credit, resources, or connections. Go Fish is a first in many ways. It is the first Marketplace for the $182 Billion Direct Sales Industry. And we are changing everything about how Sales Reps work. At Go Fish they can join for $0, sell any product in the entire marketplace instead of being tied to one product line, and they can use the face to face video interface to have personal online shopping sessions with customers without ever leaving their couch. And if they don't like the current merchant that they are associated with, then they can "Go Fish" and switch to another one to sell other products without loosing all of the customers and revenue that they have built over time. This is why we have such a rapid growth rate and multiple 25 year industry vets telling us that the Go Fish system is a "Godsend." Reps at Go Fish also don't have to "pound the pavement" or hold awkward product parties with strangers at their home, they can interface with customers via Go Fish's innovative face-to-face video Personal Shopping Session Interface where sales reps can search the marketplace and drag & drop products onto the customer's screen, and the customer can then drag and drop those products into their shopping cart to make a purchase. Customers can also tip the Personal Shopping Assistant as well.