Gogolook Co., Ltd.

Gogolook is an app development company based in Taipei Taiwan and a member of NAVER. Founded in 2012, and consisting of diverse talents from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand, Gogolook’s founding mission and long term vision is to create a global contact network of trust through innovative and user-centric designs. Whoscall, Gogolook’s most widely recognized app, provides instant caller identification through its global database of over 700 million numbers. Whoscall has accumulated over 20 million downloads worldwide and identifies billions of calls monthly. Since its founding in Taiwan, it has expanded its service regions into South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Brazil amongst others, creating in the process one of the world’s largest database of number information. Apart from identifying unwanted calls, Whoscall also provides detailed information on stores and restaurants, successfully assisting millions of business owners to connect with its mobile users. Through Whoscall, Gogolook aims to revolutionize the way we communicate. Join us in enabling users around the world to create a collective phonebook and to connect within a network of trust.